Red Dragon Apparel

“RDS or Red Dragon Society is the brainchild of three of Vancouver's legendary skaters. Colin McKay, Rob "Sluggo" Boyce, and Moses Itkonen. Early in their skateboarding careers the three dubbed themselves the "Red Dragons."

The name is a combination of a few different sources; a shared love of the Thomas Harris novel The Red Dragon, which is one of the scariest books ever written and an affinity for the ancient Chinese game Mahjong, in which one of the three dragon tiles is the red character for "center." RDS adopted the Red Dragon character as their symbol.

They launched Red Dragon Apparel in 1998 with the design help of Sluggo's brother Dave Boyce and Centre has since grown to a leader in Canadian Distribution.

Red Dragon Apparel is known for its quality design, great fit and comfortability. They have since expanded the brand to also include a women's line and Centre Distribution has grown to include over thirty brands including Diamond Supply Co., Fallen, and Element.

With its sights set on the future, RDS continues to grow and reach new markets but insists on remaining true to its skateboard roots. It will always be about friends, pushing the limits and of course, FSU!